Senior Vice President

Since joining ROOT3 in 2015, Kebra has helped grow the company’s portfolio and led successful client relationships across multiple industries. She develops strategic marketing and communication programs and builds teams that consistently drive brand reputation and awareness, differentiate from the competition, and generate leads. Kebra brings healthcare leadership experience to her role having served as a Director of Marketing for a Northwest Health System prior to serving as a senior strategist at Mitchell Communications Group where she led PR programs for global retail clients and CPG brands.

Vice President

Ashley is passionate about working with mid-market organizations and sees marketing as an effective tool to achieve growth goals. As Accounts Director she develops and oversees strategic marketing initiatives and excels in defining nimble processes, creating efficiencies, and leading cross-functional teams. Her expertise includes B2B healthcare, IT, alternative education pathways, and nonprofit organizations. She brings extensive event planning and management expertise to her role at ROOT3 having founded and led luxury event company La Belle Fleur Events.

Accounts Director

John has led high-performing marketing teams for over a decade. With a management style that fosters creativity, innovation, and data-driven solutions, his Account teams deliver impactful outcomes that are insightful and exciting. A former English professor, John also held various leadership roles at a global e-commerce marketplace, where he launched its first content marketing program and developed creative assets to support international campaigns, such as Black Friday events and a Super Bowl commercial. He has certifications in Lean Six Sigma project management as well as an MFA in Creative Writing.