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ROOT3 specializes in B2B Healthcare and partners with clients to unlock the value of their CRM by driving utilization, identifying areas of opportunity, and developing full-funnel strategies that convert.

During a CRM audit we analyze data gaps and sales processes and evaluate how employees and management use the CRM software, its impact on the business, and how it can be improved to provide more value.

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The no-cost CRM audit takes roughly two weeks to complete. At the conclusion, the ROOT3 Digital team will share a full report of findings including current state overview, recommendations, and opportunities.

Certified Pardot Specialist | Salesforce

The CRM Audit Evaluates:

Campaign Performance

Data Integrity

Funnel Strategy

Utilization and Consent

Reports and KPIs


A CRM audit can increase top-line revenue and decrease bottom-line costs. As Part of the CRM Audit, the ROOT3 Digital Team will Provide Recommendations on the Following:

Subscription Costs

Conversion Rates

Lead Quality

Funnel Gaps

Audience Engagement

Marketing Performance

Tech-Stack (re)alignment


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