Unlocking Access & Innovation: Organic Farm Partners

Organic farmland stands to be the next big investment opportunity and three industry leaders are rethinking the way potential investors have access to this growing market. ROOT3 was brought in at the ground level to create a sophisticated brand and website to attract and educate investors in this booming market.

Organic farming is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly method than conventional farming. Most farmers, however, are not incentivized to undertake the three-year process to convert their land to organic. Due to the lack of a market, an opportunity was seized and Organic Farm Partners was launched. Analytics, expertise and the resources to convert traditional farmland are the key elements to this burgeoning brand.

Brand Goals

  • Designing a sophisticated brand that speaks to organic farming
  • Developing a financial driven e-commerce platform
  • Creating a refined visual identity
  • Demonstrating thought leadership through educational content
  • Showcasing innovation and expertise

Service Offerings

Market Research

Brand Strategy

Brand Voice



Social Channel Management

Web Development

Organic Farm Partners Branding Materials
Organic Farm Partners Website Design
Organic Farm Partners Website Design
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