A national medical association was in the middle of a transformative year and had key staff leave before its annual meeting. ROOT3 was already driving strategy and marketing execution and was endorsed by the outgoing leadership to also provide strategic leadership on an outsourced basis.

With the annual meeting only 60 days away, ROOT3 accelerated both objective and strategic efforts. By collaborating with each department within the organization, ROOT3 developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure the association’s largest and most significant event of the year was not only successful but well executed and better than ever.


With the clock ticking, the ROOT3 team fast-tracked efforts by working in lockstep with the organization’s leaders to provide strategic counsel, and develop and oversee a cohesive plan to improve attendance and drive attendee engagement.

“We tell our clients that we move at the speed of business, and this partnership certainly stress-tested that idea,” said ROOT3 CEO Scott Christiansen. “This client needed a partner, and they needed an event to come to life – at the same time. They had a lot on the line – from member recruitment and engagement to brand visibility and revenue – and we are proud that they trusted us to deliver when they needed it most.”


Collaborative & integrated:
An outsourced team must integrate with your team to set/contribute to strategic solutions focused on increasing the performance of your business.

Specialized multidisciplinary team:
From creative and web design to communications, branding, and strategy, an outsourced partner leverages deep expertise and diversified talent, and shares a passion for driving your business forward.

Growth-driven metrics:
Your specialized marketing partner must pursue and deliver metrics that allow you to optimize your program and drive results.

Adaptability & resilience:
A strategic partner should be nimble and capable of evolving with your business to lead, define, and implement a successful marketing program.


Serving as a fully built, outsourced marketing department, ROOT3 drove strategic leadership as well as practical, problem-solving resources and on-the-ground support during the 3-day annual meeting. ROOT3 executed the annual meeting website, mobile app, and social channels, and authored and strategically distributed:

  • 40+ targeted email campaigns to boost overall attendance and special event registration
  • 30 press releases highlighting the event, featured speakers, award winners, and executive board appointments
  • 4 animated videos used onsite during general sessions and in the expo hall
  • 215+ twitter posts, 100+ Facebook posts, 55+ Instagram posts, 90+ LinkedIn posts to engage attendees and association followers before, during and after annual meeting
  • The event hashtag was used more than 400 times by more than 140 social users during the 14-day period before, during and after the conference
    • Nearly 440,000 estimated social reach
    • 6,700+ social media interactions, including nearly 400 shares and 300 comments
    • Added 400+ Twitter followers, 150+ Facebook fans, and 120+ Instagram followers

Working with the team, we demonstrated how outsourcing leadership brings greater resources to bear. Attendance for the annual meeting hit an all-time high.


While metrics tell part of the story, a satisfied client speaks volumes:

Thank you so much for all of your help in pulling off this very successful meeting. Your impact on the meeting was visible/measurable in many ways. Thanks for all your hard work, it didn’t go unnoticed and was much appreciated.”