A world leader in surgical fluid waste had no presence in the United States and was preparing for a national launch. ROOT3 developed a U.S. go-to-market strategy to drive deal flow for its small national sales team by influencing multiple hospital decision makers.

The goal of the program was to keep the sales team focused on opportunities and only deliver marketing qualified leads. These leads have indicated interest in what the brand has to offer based on marketing efforts.

We identified three decision makers that needed to be educated at each hospital:

  • OR Leadership
  • Procurement
  • Financial Leadership

Using a CRM platform, decision maker actions such as form fills and white paper downloads were directed to ROOT3 for qualification. The platform also provided crucial insight such as the life of the lead and identified what web content resonated most with visitors.

Our calling team started with the decision maker that triggered the action and after a positive conversation, immediately switched to influencing the next hospital decision maker.

An average of 7 completed calls in 3 departments were necessary to produce 1 marketing qualified lead.


  • 30% of ROOT3 marketing qualified leads resulted in proposals within 30 days
  • Initial pipeline resulted in increased investment in U.S. market
  • Positive go-to-market results helped the client gain entry into leading group purchasing organizations (GPOs)

“This launch was by far the most productive and beneficial I’ve been a part of in all my years of devise sales. The quality of conversations and opportunities were exciting to see, and I’m looking forward to seeing them develop. Also, and most importantly, the ROOT3 team is amazing. They absolutely killed it with everything they did to have us prepared for launch. Thank you all for your support and helping us stand out in the market.” – U.S. Sales Director