Scott Christiansen
CEO of Root3 Marketing

When I used to produce financial news content for a living, the thing I enjoyed the most was elevating the conversation; booking really smart people, and convincing them not to dumb anything down. When you can get specialists to talk like they do with their peers – you actually learn something – and are entertained.


With the Bizcast, I want to capture the peer-to-peer conversations I have with business owners and executives every day. I find great value in their personal stories and perspectives and I hope you will too.

Email us a question or pitch us an interview idea. We’ll do our best to answer it on the air or we’ll connect with you for more information.

Professional Services

Learning from a National DEI Expert


Scott sat down with Victor to discuss the question on every executive’s mind, ‘what’s next?’. The stakes are high for companies to take a proactive approach; Victor shares how business leaders can take action around DEI now.


Episode: Advanced Manufacturing Heroes

Guest: Mark Tompkins, President & CEO of German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest

Mark shares with Scott why apprenticeships are still viable and how many unsung heroes (i.e. mid-sized companies) are developing lifesaving equipment and PPE. Looking ahead, some companies are already working toward new products and technologies to rollout post-pandemic.

Professional Services

Episode: Transforming Operations for Long-Term Care Facilities

Guest: Ari Shabat, CEO of RESIDE Admissions

Scott and Ari discuss how RESIDE Admissions is transforming the long-term care industry with online admissions and how they are helping an industry hit especially hard by COVID-19.

Healthcare | Manufacturing

Webinar: From Shutdown to Ramp Up: Preparing for Post COVID-19

Guest: Andrew Busch, outside economic advisor to the White House

From chaos to confidence, Andy and Scott talk about economic conditions, the reopening of the economy and how to help B2B healthcare and manufacturing leaders prepare for ramp up post COVID-19.

Commercial Real Estate

Episode: CRE Advice for Private Businesses During COVID-19

Guest: Peter Billmeyer, Co-Founder of Bespoke Commercial Real Estate

Peter talks about CRE and the bad advice he’s hearing related to rent relief and abatement. Also, learn why he believes company culture is going to matter more than ever.